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  • Condensed Matter Physics and Materials

    Berkeley condensed matter physics is focused on understanding the properties and new physical phenomena that emerge from the aggregation of strongly interacting constituents.

    Berkeley boasts a large community of researchers in condensed matter physics and materials physics with diverse interests, both on campus and in the Materials Sciences Division of LBL. Experimental research activities include quantum information, the physics of nanomaterials, magnetism, quantum materials, optical properties, photoemission, superconductivity, and the synthesis of new materials.

    The goal of condensed matter theory is to understand the rich phenomena that emerge from relatively simple constituents (electrons and nuclei) and rules (nonrelativistic quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, and Maxwell’s equations). The Berkeley theory group works closely with experimental groups at Berkeley and elsewhere, on theoretical developments in areas such as the fractional quantum Hall effect, magnetism, quantum algorithms, materials modeling with advanced computers, and quantum information.

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