Software & Computing Resources

N3AS Software

  • BigStick – Memory-efficient Lanczos algorithm very-large-basis shell model code. N3AS contact: McElvain, Haxton
  • IsotropicSQA – A code for evolving the isotropic, homogeneous neutrino quantum kinetic equations in conditions relevant to core-collapse supernovae and neutron star mergers. N3AS contact: Sherwood Richers
  • SingleAngleSQA [development stage] – A code for evolving the quantum kinetic equations along trajectories through simulation snapshots. N3AS contact: Sherwood Richers
  • Emu [development stage] – A code for simulating multidimensional neutrino flavor transformations with a particle-in-cell method. N3AS contact: Sherwood Richers
  • SedonuGR – Time-independent Monte Carlo neutrino radiation transport in 0-3 dimensions for post-processing supernova or neutron star merger simulation snapshots. N3AS contact: Sherwood Richers

Computing Resources

For N3AS fellows: Lawrencium (LBL)

  • Allocation: pc_neutrinos
  • Project ID: 100835
  • Activity: 001
  • PI: Wick Haxton

National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center

Other Software

  • nubhlightGeneral Relativistic Neutrino Radiation Magnetohydrodynamics for Neutron Star Merger Disks
  • NuLib – Neutrino interaction rate library
  • GR1DGeneral Relativistic, Spherically Symmetry, Neutrino Transport Code for Stellar Collapse
  • Einstein Toolkit – a community-driven software platform of core computational tools to advance and support research in relativistic astrophysics and gravitational physics
  • AMReXSoftware Framework for Block Structured AMR


  • CompOSE: CompStar Online Supernova Equations of State