Fellow Professional Development

Postdoc Teaching Opportunities Program

All N3AS Fellows are invited to make use of Berkeley’s Postdoc Teaching Opportunities Program and especially their Pathways to Scientific Teaching program, a short-course professional development/pedagogy course involving two half-days of instruction and a follow-up two-hour peer feedback program.  Fellows who take this course will learn about how to become more effective instructors in science-oriented courses, learning from distinguished professors who excel in the classroom.  Those completing the course will receive a certificate.

If N3AS postdocs would like to take this course, please register, then arrange for a visit to Berkeley at the appropriate time, under N3AS sponsorship. We hope you will combine the trip with a stay at Berkeley, giving one or more seminars that we will broadcast to the Network, and interacting in person with the Berkeley members of N3AS and others.


Additional resources helpful in learning about mentoring and professional development:

  1. Professional development guide from California Alliance
  2. Consulting available to postdocs involved in teaching or mentoring available through Berkeley’s Center for Teaching and Learning
  3. National Academies 2019 Study on Mentoring: The Science of Effective Mentorship in STEMM
  4. JINA Horizons Hiring Survey: Results from an anonymous survey of those with experience on hiring committees in academia, at national labs and research centers, as well as a few individuals in industry

Job Listings

Tools for Effective Mentorship

  1. NAS Podcast: The Science of Effective Mentoring in STEMM

Proposal Writing: Online Resources

  1. Special Projects Office Site: Proposal Writing Resources
  2. College of Letters & Sciences: Grant-Writing Resources
  3. Vice Chancellor for Research: Proposal Writing Guides & Tools

Other Resources