2022 Summer School

2022 N3AS School on Multi-Messenger Astrophysics

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Poster for 2022 N3AS Summer School

Organizers: Baha Balantekin and Wick Haxton
Dates: July 31-August 7
Location: University of California, Santa Cruz

The N3AS-sponsored Summer School on Multi-Messenger Astrophysics is intended for advanced graduate students and beginning postdoctoral researchers interested in nuclear and particle astrophysics — theory, experiment, or observation.

Lecturers Include

Kev Abazajian, Rana Adhikari, André de Gouvêa, Tyce DeYoung, Dan Kasen, Keith Olive, Joel Primack, Yong-Zhong Qian, Kate Scholberg, Nao Suzuki, Natalia Toro

Scientific Topics

  • The Standard Cosmological Model
  • Observational Cosmology
  • The Big Bang
  • Origin of the Elements and the r-process
  • Dark Matter: Theory and Laboratory Signals
  • Neutron Stars – Masses, Evolution, Cooling
  • NS Mergers and Supernovae
  • High Energy Astrophysics
  • Neutrino Properties
  • Neutrino Experiments and Neutrino Astrophysics
  • Gravitational Waves: Physics, Sources, Detection
  • Simulations of Large-Scale Structure

Lecture Slides

These links go to PDFs of the lecture slides. If you would like to download all the files at once, please visit the Google Drive folder.

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Logos: N3AS, NSF, Heising-Simons Foundation, UC Santa Cruz