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    Neutrinos Join Forces to Shed Light on Dark Matter

    Neutrinos can “talk” to each other much more than expected within the Standard Model, and this can provide an experimentally testable solution to the dark matter puzzle of the Universe. Can […]

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    Software Resources

    An index of software resources for N3AS researchers and those working in related fields.

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    N3AS Research Publications

    Search and view a database of N3AS collaborators' research.

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    Can gravitational waves reveal phase transitions in the cores of neutron stars?

    Figure caption: Internal structure of a neutron star – predicted by theory. Phase transitions to states of matter containing deconfined quarks, hyperons and meson condensates are possible at the densities […]

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    Proposals and Presentations

    NSF Review Slides Research Hub for Fundamental Symmetries, Neutrinos, and Applications to Nuclear Astrophysics (PDF) Our Science Collaborations and Mentoring (PDF) N3AS NSF Hub Proposal N3AS NSF Hub Proposal (PDF) […]