• New: NSF Partnerships for Research and Education in Physics (PREP)

    The NSF Division of Physics’ Partnerships for Research and Education in Physics (PREP) program aims to enable and grow partnerships between minority-serving institutions and Division-supported Physics Frontiers Centers to increase the participation of members of underrepresented groups in physics through excellent research and education endeavors that advance physics research goals.

    N3AS is an enthusiastic supporter of PREP. Potential PREP PIs who may be interested in partnering with N3AS are encourage to email point-of-contact Amanda Dillon, amjdillon@berkeley.edu, providing a brief description of the proposed research area (e.g., neutrinos, dark matter, dense matter, nucleosynthesis, modeling) and relevant contact information.

    An N3AS co-PI working in that research area will respond. More information on the NSF PREP program is available on the NSF website.