Poster Session

Postdoctoral Fellows (preliminary titles)

Sanjana CurtisPosterAssociate FellowSpectacular Nucleosynthesis From Early Massive Stars
Julien FrousteyPosterN3AS FellowNeutrino Flavor instabilities in a neutron star merger
Rossella GambaPosterN3AS FellowGravitational waves from compact binaries
Mengke LiPosterN3AS FellowGrRproc: A Graph-based method to calculate r-process
Tetyana PitikPosterN3AS FellowHigh-energy neutrino emission from interaction-powered supernovae
Mrunal KorwarPosterN3AS FellowNovel Probes of Macroscopic Dark Matter
Anupam RayPosterN3AS FellowLIGO as a Non-Annihilating Dark Matter Detector
Evan RulePosterN3AS FellowDistinguishing charged lepton flavor violation scenarios with inelastic muon-to-electron conversion
Maria Manuela SaezPosterN3AS FellowSupernova signals as indicators of neutrino mass ordering
Jan Schütte-EngelPosterN3AS FellowProbing new physics with gravitational waves
Anna SuligaPosterN3AS FellowCore-collapse supernovae as probes of (not only)
non-standard neutrino physics
Tianqi ZhaoPosterN3AS FellowDense Matter in Neutron Star
Dake ZhouPosterN3AS FellowExtrema of speed of sound in the zero temperature QCD phase diagram


Danial BaradaranPosterN3AS menteePredicting the 21 cm Field with a Hybrid Perturbation Theory Approach
Emilie CotePosterN3AS mentee / ULAB mentorSimulating Differentially Rotating Hybrid Stars / Classifications of Unknown Transients Using ParSNIP
Sangeeta KumarPosterN3AS mentee / ULAB mentorCalculation of Neutrino Propagation through the Sun Simulating Supernova 1987A Remnants
Tess MessererPosterN3AS menteeAstrophysical constraints on axion-like particles that violate lepton flavor
Santiago RodriguezPosterN3AS menteeThe Flavor Pendulum in Collective Neutrino Oscillations
Samyak TiwariPosterN3AS menteeCompact Binary Merger Gravitational Wave (GW) Signal Model for a Rotating Earth
Raymond YumPosterN3AS mentee / ULAB researcherArgon Cross-Sections and Supernovae Neutrinos at the DUNE Experiment/Delayed-Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment Variations

Additional Students in Attendance:

Juan PeresPosterN3AS and REYES studentRadio Frequency Interference filter in the search of neutral
Hydrogen Emission Signal
Celine TanPosterULAB researcherMachine Learning for Cosmic Structure Simulations