Control and read-out of quantum information stored in single ions

Prof. Hartmut Haeffner

Quantum computers promise to tackle problems impossible to solve with classical computing resources. For this, quantum computers control quantum information encoded in quantum systems. This project aims at improving quantum bits based on trapped Ca+ ions, in particular, the control of the quantum information as well as its read-out. In order to improve the qubit control via laser light, the interaction of the ions with the laser light near 729 nm will be carefully modeled. This will allow us to identify the causes for errors and subsequently to find means to reduce the error rate. After the computation, the information is read out by shining in laser light near 397 nm causing ions in one state to fluorescence but not for ions in the other state. The actual information about the quantum registers state will be extracted from CCD camera images. The project will improve the accuracy of identifying bright vs dark ions using machine learning.