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Frequently Asked Questions

Not accepting applications

We are not accepting applications to the program for summer 2022.

Q: My school year in still in session beyond June 7; can I still participate?

We urge all participating students to make every effort to attend for the designated period, June 7 – August 13. In cases where this is impossible due to conflicts with school terms (which can be the case if your college uses the quarter system) , we can move the beginning and ending dates forward by up to one week. Attendance for a full 10-week period, however, is required.

Q: Who is eligible to apply?

NSF REU support is available only to US citizens and permanent residents of the US or its territories (“green card” holders).  Others are welcome to apply, but must note prominently that they are not eligible for NSF support.  Such applicants will be considered for admission only if our program is successful in identifying a non-NSF funding source.

Q: How do I apply?

See the “Apply” page. Applications are made online either through our web site or through CAMPARE.  (Applicants can submit to both, and may decide to do so if they are interested in several of the programs that partner with CAMPARE.)

Q: What’s the application deadline?

The deadline for all application materials is to be announced: early applications are encouraged, however, as the review of application will begin prior to February 28, and some number of early offers will be made.  We will adhere to the common response deadline Physics REU directors select, not requiring any student to respond to our offer prior to that date.

Q: Is a transcript required?

You will need to attach a transcript to the online application.  This can be an unofficial copy, but if you are selected to participate in our program, an official transcript sent by your college registrar will be needed.

Q: How are recommendation letters submitted?

The online form asks for the email addresses of two professors willing to send recommendation letters.  Instructions will be sent to them describing  the procedures for submitting their recommendations electronically.   If for some reason electronic submission of letters is not possible, your letter writers should contact us at

Q: What kinds of projects are there?

Descriptions of the 2022 projects can be found on the Projects List page.

Q: When will I know if I’ve been selected?

Our offer period will likely extend from the middle of February to the middle of March, and accepted students will be notified by email.  Consequently, it is important to monitor your email throughout the month of March.  If an offer is made but not accepted, it can be rescinded by the later of the REU Physics response deadline (see above) and one week after the offer is made.

When all available positions are filled, we will promptly notify unsuccessful applicants, so they can focus on other REU programs.

Q: How will applications be evaluated?

The five faculty in charge of the REU program will review the application materials — the transcript, letters of recommendation, and the personal statement.  The evaluation will be holistic, taking into account an applicant’s achievements in physics with respect to the opportunities that the applicant has had to date, and the potential impact of the Berkeley REU program on an applicant’s future career in physics.

Do you have questions not addressed above?

After January 5, 2022, questions can be emailed to us at We will endeavor to respond within 48 hours.